About Clinical Massage Therapy

It all began nearly two decades ago…

Carmen Pagett discovered the benefits of clinical massage while searching for help with her own crippling neck pain that had doctors recommending major surgery that would be life-altering.  Instead, she discovered trigger point massage, which altered her life in a amazing, positive way.

When muscles are stressed or injured, they often form trigger points, which are like contracted knots in the belly of the muscle, causing pain and tightness. They are extremely common, and often overlooked. Healthy muscle fibers are not painful when pressed on, while trigger points can be extremely painful and often refer pain to other areas, making them difficult to find–unless you know where to look.

For instance, the trapezius muscle at the top of your shoulder can refer pain up the side of your neck and head, causing a headache. You feel the pain in your head, but the source of that pain is in your shoulder. With some focused massage in your shoulder, your head pain goes away.

Crazy, isn’t it? But it all starts to make sense when you consider how the muscles need to work together to move different parts of our body. That shoulder muscle attaches to your neck, so when it is contracted and tight, you can feel the pain in your neck and head.

So after experiencing the pain relief herself, Carmen attended the Clinical Touch School of Massage in 2001, then began sharing the benefits of pain relief through clinical massage with others. She opened Clinical Massage Therapy in Rocklin, California.

Word spread and business grew. It turns out a lot of people have acute and chronic pain that can be managed with massage therapy instead of pills or surgery, which often results in unpleasant side-affects and doesn’t fix the source of the problem–trigger points and soft tissue, myofascial pain.

Carmen Pagett has been a Certified Massage Therapist for over 17 years, and her massage practice has out-grown her Rocklin location–so she opened a new location in Folsom, California. She has experience working on a wide range of conditions and has passed this training and care on to her staff of skilled therapists.

Everyone in the office has one goal in mind–to help you feel better, fast. When your body isn’t in top shape, your entire outlook on life can be negatively affected. That’s why you’re always greeted with a smile at Clinical Massage Therapy, and you’ll have an even bigger smile on your face when you leave.

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